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Vendor Managed Inventory – Mr. Service VMI

Time is Money! 

LEARN ABOUT how Crouch Fasteners VMI works here!

Contact us to help you maintain your BOLTS, NUTS and SCREWS inventory levels.  Let us partner with you to help optimize your business and purchasing needs through the VMI/Vendor Managed Inventory program.  By assigning a dedicated VMI Sales Staff team member to your facility we can help managed inventory that suits your needs.    

Benefits of VMI:

1)      Save time!  Having fasteners in stock when you need them for your day to day job activities. Stopping work to find and purchase fasteners you need right now slows down productivity and cost money.

2)      Avoid low stock levels on frequently used fasteners and improve your stock efficiency.  Your business will have a customized VMI system created based upon your usage. We will meet with you to create appropriate stocking levels, so you can eliminate down time.  Your frequently used fasteners can be on hand and ready when needed.  Plus, you do not have waste time looking at your stock, we will. 

3)      Easy and Frequent communication.  When your Mr. Service VMI is created you will be assigned one of our dedicated VMI Sales Staff team members.  We will visit weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly depending on your needs.

How it works:

1)      Schedule a date and time for our Sales Staff team to meet at your business to make a list of the products you use, how often you use them, the amounts you normally keep on hand in stock and your company’s approval process for purchasing;

2)      At the first meeting, you show our VMI Sales Staff team your current situation.  Then together we determine the area to be serviced and the items on program.  At that point we agree on a minimum levels and maximum levels for your VMI program. 

3)      We will create labels for your items that are being serviced through VMI.  On the next scheduled visit to your location we would apply these labels and process the first order scan.

4)      We then send you a quote of the items for your approval.  We will require at least a minimum of 1 week to get our scanned orders together, after of course your approval. 

5)      Then the VMI representative will visit your facility, on the designated day and fill your bins with the approved items.  At that time, we will rescan your inventory for the next order.  This will help your inventory levels stay consistent and help avoid spikes in your purchasing.