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Bolts Bolts
Click here to find Bolts including hex bolts, hex cap screws, machine bolts, carriage bolts, hex lag bolts, hex lags, tap bolts, frame bolts, serrated flange bolts, 12 point flange bolts, step bolts, elevator bolts, hanger bolts, plow bolts, square head bolts, eye bolts, u bolts, j bolts, and foundation bolts. We stock steel bolts, Stainless Steel bolts, Grade 8 bolts, Grade 5 bolts, L9 bolts, Galvanized Bolts, black zinc bolts, nylon bolts, brass bolts, aluminum bolts and metric bolts.
Nuts Nuts
Click here to find Nuts including hex nuts, hex jam nuts, machine screw hex nuts, left hand hex nuts, nylon insert hex lock nuts, jam nylon insert lock nuts, locking nuts, wing nuts, acorn nuts, cap nuts, knurled brass nuts, square nuts, k-lock nuts, keps nuts, serrated flange lock nuts, two way reversible lock nuts, flexloc all metal lock nuts, Grade C Stover Lock Nuts, Grade GT Stover flange locknuts, t nuts, rod coupling nuts, heavy hex nuts, hardened high nuts, Grade 2H heavy hex nuts, A325 nuts, slotted nuts and castle nuts. We stock steel nuts, stainless steel nuts, grade 8 nuts, grade 5 nuts, galvanized nuts, black zinc nuts, nylon nuts, brass nuts, silicon bronze nuts, aluminum nuts, and metric nuts.
Screws Screws
Click here to find Screws including sheet metal screws, machine screws zinc plated, machine screws stainless steel, tek screws self drilling zp , stainless tek screws self drilling, thread cutting screws, drywall screws, wood screws, torx floor screws, u drive screws, thumb screws, serrated flange screws, dowel screws, knurled brass screws, and binding post screws. We stock phillips and slotted drive screws, flat head screws, pan head screws, oval head screws, truss head screws, round head screws, and hex head screws. We stock steel zinc plated screws, stainless steel screws, nylon screws, brass screws, black zinc screws and other alloys.
Washers Washers
Click here to find Washers including USS flat washers, lock washers, SAE flat washers, fender washers, external tooth lock washers, internal tooth lock washers, hi collar lock washers, countersunk finishing washers, bevel washers, heavy SAE flat washers, and bonded sealing washers. We stock steel washers, stainless steel washers, grade 8 washers, grade 5 washers, galvanized washers, black zinc washers, nylon washers, brass washers, silicon bronze washers, aluminum washers, and metric washers.
Socket Products Socket Products
Click here to find Socket Products including socket head cap screws alloy courseflat head socket cap screws alloy coursebutton head socket cap screws alloy coursesocket set screws alloy course, and stainless socket set screws, socket shoulder bolts, dowel pins, roll or spring pins, pipe plugs, and hex keys. Socket products are also known as "Socket Caps" and "Allen Screws".
Anchors Mechanical Anchors
Click here to find Mechanical Anchors including wedge anchors zp, stainless wedge anchors, drop in anchors zp, stainless drop in anchorssleeve anchorscalk-in expansion anchors, lag shield expansion anchors, nailins drive pin anchorssingle expansion anchors, double expansion anchors, spike pre expanded anchors, poly-toggle hollow wall anchors, concrete screws, tapcons, hollow wall sleeve anchors, toggle bolts, plastic anchors, Toggler alligator anchors and E-Z anchors. We carry steel anchors and stainless steel anchors.
Drill Bits Drill Bits
Click here to find Drill bits including jobber drill bits, high speed drill bits, number drill bits, letter drill bits, screw machine drill bits, mechanics length drill bits, reduced shank drill bits, extra length drill bits, cobalt drill bits, bullett bits, hammer drill bits, sds hammer bits, masonry bits, left hand bits, countersinks, tapcon bits, spline bits, straight shank bits, rebar cutter bits, step drills, unibits, flat boring bits, spade bits, and drill bit sets.
Chicago Hardware  Industrial Hardware
Click here to find Industrial Hardware products including dropped forged and midget turnbuckles, drop forged shackles, drop forged and malleable wire rope clips, thimbles, machinery eye bolts, turned eye bolts, screw thread eye bolts, eye nuts, yoke ends, bevel washers, s hooks, drop forged and high test chain hooks, u bolts, and square keystock.
Other ProductsMore Products
Pop Rivets, Rivet Nuts, Thread Serts, Drive Rivets, Threaded Rod, Thread Repair Inserts and Kits, Ultra Bond Anchoring Epoxy, Threadlocker Solutions, Antiseize Solutions, Insert Bits, Power Bits, Nut Setters, Bit Holders, Sockets, Extensions, Sleeves, Taper Taps, Plug Taps, Bottom Taps, Hex Dies, Taper Pin Reamers, Car Reamers, Carbide Burs, Taper Pins, Roll Pins, Cotter Pins, Clevis, Lock, Hitch Pins, Retaining Rings, Chain, Wire Rope.
ToolsMore Products
Tools, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Brass Fasteners, Aluminum Fasteners, Silicon Bronze Fasteners, Nylon Fasteners, and Tamperproof Security Fasteners.