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Screw-Bolt, Screw Anchor

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Heavy duty screw anchor Screw-Bolt+ TM anchor is a one piece, heavy duty screw anchor with a finished hex head.  DeWalt Anchors & Fasteners tech page states it is simple to install, easy to identify and fully removable. The patented thread design, designed for use with standard ANSI drill bits, reduces installation torque and enhances productivity. The steel threads along the anchor body tap into the hole during installation to provide keyed engagement and allow for reduced edge and spacing distances. The Screw-Bolt+ TM is available as bright zinc-plated or mechanically galvanized plating. Suitable base materials include normal-weight concrete.  See DeWalt Anchors & Fasteners Screw-Bolt+ TM Tech Page.

Applications for the Screw-Bolt+ TM heavy duty screw anchor include:

Racking, shelving and material handling

Support ledgers and sill plate attachments

Barriers, guards and temporary supports

Glazing and window attachments

Retrofits, repairs and maintenance

Fencing and railing

Cracked and uncracked concrete

Seismic and wind loading