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Hex Bolts

Find a large variety of Hex Bolts also known as Hex Cap Screws including Grade 8 hex bolts coarse, Grade 8 hex bolts fine, Grade 5 hex bolts course, Grade 5 hex bolts fine, Grade 2 hex bolts courseStainless Steel Hex Bolts coarse, Stainless hex bolts fine, Steel L9 Hex Bolts, Hot Dipped Galvanized Hex Bolts course, Brass Hex Bolts course, Nylon Hex Bolts coarse, and Silicon Bronze
Hex Bolts.  We also stock full thread hex bolts or Tap Bolts and A325 Heavy Structural Bolts coarse

Hex Bolts, Hex Cap Screws
Note:  Some pictures may not represent the threads based upon diameter and length.  For example, Hex bolts-Hex Cap Screws in longer sizes are not fully threaded.  Shorter sizes may be fully threaded.  Please contact us if you must have one or the other.
Hex Bolts are available in National Coarse (NC) thread and National Fine (NF) thread.
Please select the type of Hex Bolts you are searching for below:
Grade 8 Hex Bolts
Grade 8 hex bolts and grade 8 hex cap screws are medium carbon alloy tempered hardened steel bolts available 1/4" through 1" diameters and 1/2" through 12" lengths and available in both National Coarse thread (NC) and National Fine thread (NF).
Stainless Steel Hex Bolts
Stainless Steel Hex Bolts a/k/a hex cap screws are high corrosion resistant and consist of a non-magnetic alloy of steel available in coarse diameters 1/4-20 to 1"-8 and 3/8" to 8" lengths and fine diameters 1/4-28 to 5/8-18 and 1/2" to 5" lengths.
Hex Bolts Grade 5 ZP
Grade 5 hex bolts a/k/a grade 5 hex cap screws are medium carbon steel quenched and tempered bolts available 1/4" thru 1" diameters and 1/2" thru 12" lengths available in both National Course thread (NC) and National Fine thread (NF).
Galvanized Hex Bolts
Galvanized Hex Bolts Coarse Thread also called Galvanized Hex Cap Screws Coarse Thread are hot dipped galvanized and corrosion resistant and commonly used to prevent rust and are available from 1/4-20 thru 1"-8 diameters and 1/2" to 12" lengths.
Hex Bolts A325
A325 Heavy Structural Hex Bolts are a heavy hex bolt made of medium carbon steel commonly used in heavy construction and structural steel connections available in coarse thread.
Brass Hex Bolts
Brass Hex Bolts Coarse thread also called Brass Hex Cap Screws Coarse thread are a copper-zinc alloy and are corrosion resistant and non-magnetic and available in 1/4-20 thru 3/4-10 diameters and 3/8" thru 6" lengths.